Though G. J. Eberhardt may no longer be in business, we know there are a number of tent rental companies that are cleaning up with the influx of sports lovers, partiers and the like in the coming week. Of all coincidences, this storefront used to stand in what is now part of the convention center, a bit north of Georgia Street and south of Maryland Street, on what was Tennessee and is now Capitol. Had the Super Bowl been taking place in the era of this 1892 advert, how many downtown shops might have ordered special welcoming  or themed awnings that graced so many vintage buildings of the era? And I wonder–how would people have kept warm under the tents back then? Probably not as safe a proposition as these days…and if you take cover within an event tent, let us know whose it was and if it was warm enough…


One response to “Sunday Ads: They would have had a booming Super Bowl business”

  1. Tom Davis says:

    I notice too the partial list of artists in the upper left hand corner. Maybe they could have gone together and held a show in one of the big hotels.

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