I’m not ashamed to admit it – I love shoes.  In 1909, I would have probably frequented H.P. Wasson & Co., for not only were they centrally located on Washington Street near the city’s center, H.P. Wasson & Co. had “sixty-six departments, each a complete store within itself.”  (Hyman’s Handbook of Indianapolis, 1907)

H.P. Wasson & Co. started as the Bee Hive Dry Goods Company in 1870.  Hiram P. Wasson bought into the company in 1874, and was the sole owner by 1883.  Hiram subsequently changed Bee Hive’s name to H.P. Wasson and Company.  Following Hiram’s death, and that of his son, H. Kennard Wasson, the family sold H.P. Wasson and Company to G.A. Efroymson and Louis Wolf, owners of another local department store, the Star Store.  In 1967, Goldblatt’s of Chicago bought the Wasson company, which had grown to seven stores.  The acquisition did not go well, and Wasson’s closed its last store in 1980.

…but those shoes…they are timeless!

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