Normally at HI, the goal is to keep subject matter at least 50 years old. (Hey, if it’s good enough benchmark  for the National Register of Historic Places, it’s good enough for us).

However, considering that my favorite current television series, Mad Men, premieres Season 5 tonight and that Season 4 left off in 1965–I’m going to make an exception. This advert is from Fortune magazine, 1965. Presumably,  Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Price would have had a subscription to Fortune.  Wonder what Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce would have come up for marketing Indiana’s workforce?

And if you missed it, we featured an article that David Weiner must have seen before creating Mad Men–coincidences down to Pete buying a gun with the trade-in credit from the chip and dip wedding gift. Apologies to those who don’t watch, but the show is a visual feast of the era.

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