Though not founded in Indianapolis, Bryant Heating and Cooling has a rich and long-standing history with the area.  Charles Lester Bryant formed the National Gas Regulator Company in 1904 in Cleveland, Ohio.  In 1908, he changed the company name to Bryant Heating and Manufacturing Company.  Bryant was one of the foremost suppliers of gas boilers, gravity gas furnaces, and commercial air conditioning units.  The company’s link to Indianapolis did not commence until the mid 1950’s, when the company was sold, shortly after Charles’ death in 1946, to the Carrier Corporation.  Bryant’s headquarters were then moved to Indianapolis, and in 1958, the company became a major sponsor of a car competing in the Indianapolis 500.  Bryant has sponsored an Indy Car every year since then, making the company the longest-standing Indy Car sponsor, and received its first win this year when Tony Kanaan won the Indy 500.

Bryant Heating and Cooling conveyed their love for Indy as part of the full-page ad in the 1960’s.  The ad continues:

“And the guys are handsomer.  The kids are smarter.  The corn is higher.  The basketball is better.  The sky is bluer.  The roads are straighter.  The people are friendlier.  And the business is busier.”

I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

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