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Sixty years ago, before the days of Google and Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica was the utmost authority on all things from Aardvarks to Zebras. ┬áIt was also during this time Encyclopedia Britannica was not only advertised in newspapers, but was also frequently the subject of a salesman’s knock at the door.

Unfortunately, book-bound reference is now a thing of the past, and Encyclopedia Britannica stopped publishing hardbound copies in 2010, when the page count had grown to over 32,000 and included 32 volumes.

4 responses to “Sunday Adverts: Encyclopedia Britannica”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    i learned a lot from this fine encyclopedia known worldwide…have a set from 1973…have seen the 1912 set before and accessed in on the internet via wikipedia.

  2. Jeff Downer says:

    When I was a child my family aspired to the Britannica but, alas, made do with the World Book Encyclopedia.

  3. Tom Davis says:

    We had World Book too, probably better for the age I was way back then anyway. I used to browse through them all the time.

  4. Dawn Olsen says:

    I, too, had World Book Encyclopedias. They were fun to page through when I was a young, curious one. Unrelated, a book I read when I was nine featured a character who loved books. Her favorite book was actually an encyclopedia, “Encyclopedia A.” It took her an entire year to read that first volume. … can you imagine trying to read all 32,000 pages of these encyclopedias?

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