The Franklin Fire Insurance Company, featured in this September 1874 ad, was chartered in 1851 in nearby Franklin, Indiana, in Johnson County.  In 1871, the company reorganized and moved into Indianapolis, and eventually, in 1874, this building on the southeast corner of the Circle.  A main feature of the building, a handsome statue of Benjamin Franklin, is the subject of another HI article which chronicles old Ben’s journey from the corner of the Circle to Franklin College in Franklin, Indiana. (considering the insurance company originated there, the statue’s final resting place makes sense)

The Exposition mentioned in the advertisement?  It’s now known simply as the Indiana State Fair – in 1874, it ran from September 7 to 26.

4 responses to “Sunday Adverts: Franklin Mutual Life Insurance Company”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    And the “Exposition” at that time was just north of Indianapolis at the former Camp Morton, ironically originally purchased as Henderson’s Grove by the State as the relocated State Fairgrounds (I wonder if this grove were originally owned by Generous Henderson, the first Mayor of Indianapolis when the Town was rechartered as a City?)

  2. Lisa Lorentz says:

    Am I correct that this building was removed and replaced with the Circle Tower?

  3. Jessica Ballard says:

    You are correct, Lisa! 🙂

  4. David Brewer says:

    While I really love the Circle Tower, the Franklin Building is one of my favorite long-gone Indianapolis buildings. I always wanted to have the corner office just below the clock.

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