Business: Pink’s Pharmacy
Year of this Advertisement: 1907
Location:  550 Indiana Avenue
Neighborhood: Downtown, Indiana Avenue
What they did:  Pharmacy and soda fountain
Years of operation: 1896? – 1916
Notable: Herman Pink, the owner of Pink’s Pharmacy, was a Prussian immigrant and taught anatomy and physical therapy at The Normal College of the American Gymnastic Union, a Turnverein located at Das Deutsche Haus, which is now the Athenaeum.
Additionally:  Pink’s claimed, “Our aim is to serve the best soda in town . . . High-grade soda . . . It’s pure and good . . . we carry all flavors.”  Do you remember ever going to a soda fountain in Indianapolis?  Where? Please share!

2 responses to “Sunday Adverts: Pink’s Pharmacy”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    I remember McCord’s Pharmacy soda fountain at East 21st and Emerson Avenue (a block from the house) and also a much larger one at the southwest corner of East 38th and Sherman Drive. McCord’s is now a carryout liquor store and the former Pharmacy and soda fountain at 38th and Sherman Drive is a female hair products retailer, i think.

  2. Maureen McCaughna says:

    In the 50’s there was a soda fountain every couple of blocks on College Ave. between 38th St. and Broad Ripple Ave. Starting at 38th, there was a Hook’s, then one on each corner of 42nd St., then 46th St, 49th, 52nd, two on 54th, one on Kessler and one on Broad Ripple Ave. Now, who can name them?

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