In 1899, “The Favorite,” billed as a confectionery, sold ice cream soda, candies, and … oysters?  Oysters have been long regarded as aphrodisiacs, which may explain their juxtaposition with the sweets and perfumes offered at “The Favorite” as well as the cupid-esque logo seen here in this advertisement.

Proprietors William J. Reed and Grant U. Robinson of the enterprising firm of Reed and Robinson ran a seemingly one-stop shop, selling not only the aforementioned products, but also nuts, fruits, and cigars  The firm was also a dealer in oils and gasoline, though it is unclear whether those items were sold alongside the candies and oysters.

Unfortunately, it seems something in the ice cream/oyster/gasoline business didn’t work out – ads for “The Favorite” disappeared from the Indianapolis Recorder by early 1900, and the society page of the Indianapolis Recorder indicated Robinson, “formerly of Reed and Robinson” relocated to Chicago, Illinois in 1909.

You can visit the former Indiana Avenue home of “The Favorite” – it’s now the popular restaurant New Orleans on the Avenue!

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