This ad, from the 1880 City Directory, features the Remy Hotel, once located on the southwest quadrant of the Circle in downtown Indianapolis.  The hotel was built in 1875 by Allison C. Remy, who went on to be Marion County Commissioner from 1976 – 1879.

Remy sold the hotel in 1879 to Edwin Egnew, who refurbished the facade and  renamed it the Brunswick Hotel, opening in May 1880.  At some point thereafter, brothers J.H. and W. Swart purchased the hotel.  In 1890 or 91, J.M. South became the proprietor of the Brunswick Hotel.

The hotel was described as:

“a substantial four story brick structure with based and 75 x 100 feet in dimensions.  On the first floor is situated a handsomely furnished and conveniently arranged office, a commodious dining room with a seating capacity for 100 guests, reading and writing rooms and billiard parlors, check and baggage rooms.  On the second floor are elegantly furnished parlors, receptions rooms and apartments en suite, while the entire third and fourth floors are occupied for guest chambers, all en suite.  The basement floor is used for barber shop and bath rooms, gentlemen’s wash room and closets and for the kitchen, culinary and laundry departments, the entire building being used exclusively for hotel purposes.”

Source: “Manufacturing and Mercantile Resources of Indianapolis, Indiana” (1883)

The next time you find yourself on Monument Circle, look up near the Emmis Building and think about the tourists who might have looked out at you over a hundred years ago!