William F. Rupp was born in 1829, and entered the tailoring business in 1861.  In 1872, Gustav Rosberg, who arrived in the United States from Sweden just a few years earlier in 1869, began his partnership with Rupp.  Rupp and Rosberg maintained their storefront on Washington Street until they moved to 25 North Pennsylvania Street in 1890.  Rupp retired from the tailoring business a year later, and passed away in 1897.  Rupp is buried at Crown Hill Cemetery.

Rosberg continued in the tailoring business, opening Gust Rosberg and Son Tailors, open in 1924 based on an advertisement in the Indianapolis Star.  Presumably, Gustav’s son was Harry, who is buried with Gustav and his wife, Betty, in a family plot in Crown Hill Cemetery.    Gustav passed away in 1928.

The date on this trade/collector card is not clear, though based on the time Rupp and Rosberg were in business together, it was likely distributed between 1872 and 1890.