Scanned advertisement courtesy of Evan Finch

Emil Wulschner, born in 1847 and a veteran of the Franco-Prussian War, immigrated to Indianapolis from Germany in 1875 after marrying Flora (Sullivan) Stewart, a livelong Indianapolis resident who met Wulschner while finishing her music studies in Munich.  Shortly after arriving in Indianapolis, Wulschner founded Indiana’s oldest orchestra, The Musicverian, now known as the Anthenaeum Pops Orchestra.  In 1888, Wulschner founded the Emil Wulschner Music Company.  Shortly after founding the company bearing his name, Wulschner added his stepson, Alexander Stewart, as a partner, and changed the name to Wulschner and Son Music Company.  The name changed to Wulschner-Stewart Music Company after Wulschner’s death in 1900.

The Wulschner-Stewart Music Company not only printed sheet music, such as original compositions by Flora Wulschner, but also produced fine musical instruments.  In 1896, the company started producing guitars and mandolins under the “Regal” name.  Due to financial stresses, Wulschner-Stewart Music Company was forced to sell the Regal name to the Chicago firm of Lyon and Healy.  The company also produced two main models of pianos – one called the Wulschner piano and the other called the Stewart piano.  The store pictured in this advertisement, of the Wulschner-Stewart Music Company’s 1909 location, was reported to have an entire floor consisting just of player pianos.  The Wulschner-Stewart Music Company would remain at the address on this postcard until the company dissolved in 1914.