With apologies for the hiatus…

Couple weeks ago I went on a random wander about the city as I am sometimes wont to do. If you want to really get to know the city, I highly recommend it.

This onetime simple gem on Guilford in the 2000’s caught my eye and invited my imagination to wander and ponder. Who originally lived here, I wondered? What hopes and dreams moved in with the first owners and how many decades ago did it all disappear? And what is going to happen to this guy?

There are a number of homes much like this in the vicinity that can use some love.  We have a city to save, here. Anyone got an idea to share on how?

4 responses to “Sunday Prayer: Some Good for Guilford?”

  1. dana hubbard says:

    Any concern for who lives here now?

  2. Tiffany Benedict Berkson says:

    It doesn’t look like anyone lives in this specific house now, and as for the general area, this is why I ask if anyone has any ideas to share on how to save the city–especially parts like this.

  3. basil berchekas je says:

    That neighborhood was definitely at least middle income for its day…

  4. Terry Shumker says:

    How about it becoming a reclaimed home restored as a Habitat for Humanity project or like organization.
    Terry Shumaker

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