This sweet little brick commercial building at 10 North Delaware Street sorta breaks my heart. Clearly this is quite a vintage building, clearly it has ‘survived’ many a decade, clearly…not gracefully. Keep your eyes on the upper portion of it, and ignore the neon light. Wish I had a historic photo of it, because I have a feeling the street level was scrumptious at one time.

Not so now.

Bad enough that there are so many of the historic buildings near the City County Building are to serve the criminal/ aspiring criminal/ alleged criminal contingent, but couldn’t they at least provide the public service of restoring the street level facade? I’m praying for this building and a few others like it.

I find it mildly amusing that an attorney who had an office at 10 1/2 North Delaware in 1907, was arrested for swindling a client and held for a $2,000 bond. Ah, the circle of life.