Today’s hope for the future is this little store located on the southeast corner of 16th and New Jersey.

Based on the Sanborn fire insurance rate maps, this shop was built sometime between 1898 and 1915 as an addition to an existing home. The 1915 map labels the addition as an “office”; however, only the northern part of the current L-shaped building was there. By the 1950, the house was gone, the building had become a “store”, and the lot looked much like it does today.


Take a look at the foundations. The northern half of the L-shaped building is on a brick foundation, while the southern half is on a concrete block foundation. This adds substance to the theory that the northern part of the building was built as the home addition seen in the 1915 map. The age of the siding and use of concrete block indicate that the rest of the building was probably built sometime in the later teens or 20s or maybe even the 30s.


Now, the building is vacant and seems to be losing its fight with the elements. A little TLC could turn this place into a neighborhood hangout, and, since it has parking available, it could easily be turned into just about anything. It’ll just take the right person with the right plan.


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