Yikes. No, you haven’t been teleported to Gary, Indiana–this potential gem is in the 1700 block of North Meridian and was undoubtedly a real show stopper back in the day.

Despite having a list of apartments in 1940 Indianapolis, the closest listing found was 1723 N. Meridian, named “The Merlyn.” It is possible that this property address has been altered in the intervening years, and perhaps this will be a research topic for another day.

Looks like this has been recently purchased, and we are hopeful to see this building’s potential restored very soon!

So unfortunate there are those with so little to do or feeling so insignificant in life that they must turn to defacing places like these.

Some of these apartment buildings along Meridian are deceptive in that their frontage is not all that substantial, but when you find a side elevation view–wow!


view from 18th Street…fingers crossed on this one!

One response to “Sunday Prayers: 1733 North Meridian”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Apartment buildings like these across the city, but particularly on the “near” north side speak of a day when central Indianapolis was “urbane”, not just “urban”…

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