The double at 412-414 East 17th Street a few years ago…

412-414 E. 17th Street, September 2011

Prayers are sometimes answered…and Glory Hallelujah for that ! The northeast corner at 17th and New Jersey streets have long been home to a couple of the bigger eyesores of Herron-Morton Plac, but have recently been getting some much needed and long overdue TLC.  I have no idea what finally spurred action in this neck of the woods, but I am grateful, whatever the cause. Both of these border 17th Street, one on the corner of New Jersey Street, and the other, bordering the alley (also known as Peck Street). The one on the east, closer to Peck has improved tremendously in the past year+ and the dumpster spotted outside the one on the corner of New Jersey on a recent walk put an extra pep in  my step.

Both of these structures are over 100 years old, and have witnessed much change in their neighborhood. Here’s hoping occupancy is soon to follow. Can’t wait to see the forthcoming, anticipated progress and to welcome new residents to the neighborhood!

When finding a dumpster in the neighbor’s yard is a good thing…renovations on the way!


Some changes in store for 1701 N. New Jersey!

3 responses to “Sunday Prayers: 17th and New Jersey Streets, northeast corner”

  1. Aaron Kowalski says:

    I am very excited about this also. I stopped by and checked out the progress the other day and it appears as if temporary electrical service has been installed. My inclination also is that this is a sign of a looming restoration of these properties. I will be keeping an eye out for permits.

    Moreover there is another property nearby at the northwest corner of College at 21st which has long been an eyesore in the neighborhood and I noticed this weekend that the roof has been completed covered by a blue tarp and there is a large dumpster in the rear. Hopefully this spells more restoration of former neighborhood jewels.


  2. Gilia Chazan says:

    Hi, I’m the current owner and trying to move ahead as fast as possible. Does anybody know how I can find historic pictures of the property?


  3. Tiffany Benedict Berkson says:

    Have you tried IHPC? Or the Indiana Historical Society? Or IUPUI archives? That’s where I’d start. If not, I’d hire someone like Joan Hostetler!

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