I know, I know, I’m going to be accused of favoritism again, pulling from one of my favorite neighborhoods, Herron-Morton Place. *If you want to change that, please send your photo submissions to feedback (at) historicindianapolis (dot) com*

This shapely beauty in the 2000 block of North New Jersey Street has been on my mind for some time; I’ve loved it since the first time I saw it, with it’s decorative swags and unique dome–really, where else in Indianapolis can you find with such a dome? The home is in the original Morton Place portion of the neighborhood, and like its neighbors between 19th and 22nd streets, still looks out upon an esplanade–as did Delaware and Alabama Streets between 19th and 22nd until the automobile came along and consumed those for quasi race-tracks to the north side.

I get sad every time I see this little gem, as year by year, more pieces of it decay and fall off. There are inevitably homes in our historic neighborhoods that everyone frequently observes and ponders what it might look like if lovingly restored. This is one of those. It’s been a rough fiscal patch for many, but we still can hope, dream and pray that someday soon, a team of workers will be found here, lovingly restoring this treasure to its former glory. Want a hint of what it might look like on the other side? We can only hope it may approximate how it looked 86 years ago… sigh.