This got a lot of attention this week on facebook, and the outrage was justifiably robust.

This lovely limestone structure at the corner of 22nd & Broadway has been home to Broadway Methodist Episcopal, First Moravian Episcopal, Broadway Baptist and Grace Apostolic Church–the last and the one responsible for this destruction. They built the new structure at the corner of 22nd & College–so visually inferior to this one–and we may only presume this space will now be a vast parking lot. The job is about over, and evidently cost $100,000 to destroy.

Why is this a Sunday Prayer? Because we need to pay attention to buildings like these and try to prevent further destruction like this. It blows my mind that architectural gems of this caliber are are still being destroyed in 2012. This is architectural murder, a waste and a loss to our community, city and state. Shame on the congregation that did this. Surely there was a possible alternative that didn’t include demolishing our history. Pretty disgusting. Let’s remain vigilant and find viable reuses for places like these that are put up for sale (doesn’t appear that this one was!)

For example, the church near Crispus Attucks School is in need of a buyer and reuse. Here’s some history there’s still time to save! If you want to volunteer or help save and find reuses for such structures, Indiana Landmarks is the second largest preservation organization in the state. Learn it, know it, love it. The Historical Society houses records and photos and has exhibits and events. I’d love suggestions on how to get people to once and for all give these two entities the distinction and respect they deserve by knowing which is which and which does what!


2 responses to “Sunday Prayers: 22nd & Broadway – Stop the Insanity!”

  1. Akacaptainrandom says:

    The steeple comes down tomorrow! Architectural scavenging is all we can do!
    I’m so very pissed! I was speaking with members of the church today and they are also!

  2. Marilyn Clark, cottle says:

    I was raised and baptized in this church and so disappointed what has happened to it. I lived one block away, 2103 Broadway so we could walk there every Sunday. HAD GREAT REVIVALS THERE. Carlile Scott,
    I am talking 1930, to 1950. REv Dardroll. I was also disappointed that they torn down the houses my grandmother owned were torn down and a park created. I mourn about the beautiful woodwork that my mom painstakingly restored. Thanks for your concern. Hoping that the woodwork was salvaged. I am 88 years old now and have sooo. MANY MEMORIES.

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