This sweet little building always prompts daydreams of potential future use. The southwest corner of 38th and Central is a former gas station built sometime after 1932, after lengthy battles with nearby neighbors. The property owner, Edgar L. Frybarger had made an agreement with nearby property owners to whom he had sold homes/ lots, agreeing that he would not develop this corner for business for 20 years. In 1932, there was still 3 years left to go on that contract and suits and appeals ensued. It’s not clear when this was finally built, but as far as filling stations go, this one is a handsome one.

Though I wrinkle my nose at the idea that this might become a gas station again, it would be great to see a small neighborhood serving business of some kind in this structure.

The address is 451 East 38th Street and it’s clearly been closed for years.

Such potential…*sigh*

If this building were suddenly yours, what would you wan to do with it? What kind of business do you think would thrive on this corner and what difference do you think it could make to the surrounding community? It’d make an awesome bike hub or petite breakfast joint, don’t you think? It’s close to the fairgrounds and the Monon trail, after all…