Homeowner Krsana Henry was devastated when she first walked through 619 E. New York St. Only weeks before, she had inherited the Italianate-style home from her mother, Emma Jean (Gina) Rotstein. Rotstein, as it were, had inherited the property from her mother, Lou Venna Lester. Lester had owned the home—which is located on the south side of Lockerbie Square—for nearly 50 years. After Lester’s death, however, the home was caught in probate, which was rumored to be the longest-running probate in the state of Indiana. During those years, 619 E. New York sat empty and unused. Squatters moved in. They stripped the home of copper. They did drugs. They vandalized it, broke windows and doors. There was even a fire that damaged the roof. And, oh, the things that filled the house: vagrants and garbage and the refuse of human presence. It was difficult for Henry during her walk-through; sad, to the least. But amid the devastation, small treasures found their way to Henry’s hands. First, a railroad ticket costing just five cents. And then, in the middle of the floor, a black and white photograph.