Surely, it’s happened to you, too. You’ll be making your way through some oft-traveled thoroughfare, as you’ve done at least 100 times before, and something grabs your attention and holds it for the first time.  such was the case on a recent trip down College on a particularly bright day. I pulled over to snap a couple quick pictures of these couple of homes on North College, while wondering what the story was with these.

Oftentimes, when researching a double like the structure above, relatives would live in both sides–perhaps siblings; perhaps parents and their newlywed children. Other times, one side was for a family and the other side used as a rental. I often wonder what the city felt like when all of these homes were filled in and filled with (as I imagine, anyway) love.

What a gorgeous couple of homes these are. Here’s hoping, wishing and praying that they are soon loved back to an extraordinary life. They could be absolute gems of the block!