This property on College just south of the highway overpass would make an awesome commercial spot for nearby Chatham Arch, Old Northside, Woodruff Place and other downtown neighborhoods.

This is one of those nifty commercial buildings that undoubtedly bustled for decades with nearby housewives and the like. Anyone else up for seeing that again?

With the activity on the east end of Mass Ave, perhaps this one will get a facelift, too?

4 responses to “Sunday Prayers: Commercial Opp on College South of 65”

  1. "Uncle Dave" Osborn says:

    ““` I remeber as a lad all the windows being glass (pre-T111 exterior wood siding material days.) I was pretty little, and the memory’s hazy, but I think I recall the windows being stylistically harmonious with the semi-Bavarian aspects of the brick and roof, like, maybe steel frames with lots of panes? Somebody help me out here — surely there’s a photo SOMEWHERE.

  2. akacaptainrandom says:

    There is a good possibility that the T111 Siding May be covering up ample windows (possibly broken). Was this building utilized after the interstate was ram-rodded through or has it been boarded up every since?

    The problem with this commercial site is there is absolutely no parking either on college or on site. There is some parking on the adjacent residential street, but that street is a dead end.

    This is a terrible spot due to no parking, activity and access.

    I think that the best idea would be to potentially look into on street parking in front or seeing if there could be parking behind.


  3. Steph Mineart says:

    Yeah, I was going to comment on the lack of parking – and any sort of loading/stocking for businesses. There’s virtually NO space behind, so I don’t think behind the building would work for parking or loading. I went out and did some photos of the building a couple years ago. The apartment behind is right next to this building.

  4. Dave Blomenberg says:

    I found a photo of the building that stood immediately to its north back in the 30s, which was later torn down for the overpass. Sadly for this building there is no room for parking in back, and the roof is starting to go.

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