Lots of potential here- fingers crossed

In the wake of the loss of the lovely brick commercial building at College & 16th, we must turn our attention to the many buildings we have left. And though I can’t think of another of the same vintage as the one we just lost (along College), there are a number of these formerly neighborhood serving corner buildings–also in brick–that remain standing, but struggling. My optimistic side is hopeful that a renaissance for the College corridor is forthcoming. And soon enough to save some lovelies like this one:

4 responses to “Sunday Prayers: Corner Buildings on College Avenue”

  1. Jim says:

    Doesn’t Indiana Landmarks own a couple houses in that corridor? Seems like that’s a good sign!

  2. Jeff Downer indianapolis says:

    I would agree that the College Avenue corridor would seem to be ripe for development. I lived on College Avenue in the early 1990’s and assumed the corridor development would have been pretty much finished by 2011.

  3. Steven S. says:

    I see so many places like this around town, the places where the corner stores used to be. I wonder what they could become? Apartments? Another more modern corner store? A place where the neighborhood folks could go down and have a meal and brew? It surely isn’t a place where you’d have a big lot and big building like on the outside of town (big retail), and I’m glad for that.

  4. Dave Blomenberg says:

    I believe this building housed a very early cinema, if I have the address right…The Gene Gladson book of Indianapolis theaters indicates it was one in either 1911 or 1912.

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