This building has been on the potential chopping block for awhile. And frankly, its future is still not secure. I wrote an article in the WTH section of the website 2 years ago yesterday (coincidentally), so it’s definitely time for an update and for redefining it as a Sunday Prayer…

The building has been vacant for more than 2 years, but it remains a beacon of beautiful design in a sea of schlock. (That godawful oddball white structure to the north of the building and the seemingly endless blocks of asphalt turn my stomach–I don’t know about you.

The latest is that there was a great potential agreement for the purchase and preservation of the building but that the owner of an adjoining parking lot would also have to sell. Last I saw on the “Save the Crawford’s Bakery Building” facebook page (the style of which has changed in one of the many ‘improvements’ over at the faceplace) this adjoining property was the final sticking point in making the deal go through, and that the deal is not a shoo-in now as the deal/offer expired due to the feet-dragging of the second property owner…

It may truly take prayers and then some to make sure we don’t lose this lovely little commercial building. There used to be a bustling commercial area on the other corners here and I love the early stories of  Pandell’s Florist shop (more on that in my prior article).

Getting a lunch spot back here would be a welcome site. What do you think?

6 responses to “Sunday Prayers: Crawford’s Bakery Building 16th & Capitol”

  1. Donna Winsted says:

    I’ve always loved this building! I remember Pandell’s and when I attended Herron School of are, I bought a lot of sandwiches at Crawfords – as well as their sweet goodies! 😀 Sure hope it can be saved!!!!!!! :O

  2. basil berchekas jr says:

    My Dad always loved their items, as well as the flower shop’s items. Being a Greek immigrant, that’s not bad!

  3. Robert R Bass Jr. says:

    Note that the building is deteriorating rapidly, some of the stained glass windows have been replaced and there are raw boards where the awnings used to be attached. It does not look good as of now.

  4. andrea says:

    While I won’t argue about the medical tower (it is ugly!), it’s an unforunate truth that the sea of asphalt is needed for employee parking at Methodist (I work there). In fact, a new lot was just opened on 18th & Capitol where the nursing home used to stand. Unless Indianapolis shifts away from being a car-based community this will continue to be the reality.

    It’s sad the Crawford’s building has been vacant for so long. From what I understand part of the reason Crawford’s left was due to unreasonable rent….it sure wasn’t due to lack of business! I remember getting lunch there and it was always busy. An eating establishment could more than succeed in the space.

    Hopefully something will be worked out and the building will be saved and put to good use.

  5. Tiffany Benedict Berkson says:

    Yes, parking is a realistic need, but why they don’t go underground with it more here is beyond me. Way too much of our history has been destroyed for parking lots. I’d rather walk an extra block or two! Or really, I’d like to return to our trolley system and effective public transportation!

  6. basil berchekas jr says:

    i admit I don’t have the details, but why wouldn’t Methodist build a parking GARAGE instead of more seas of asphalt for parking? Those would take less “space” and free up more land for building development; my Dad loved the donuts and flowers sold in the Crawford building “back in the day”…