Can we all just take a moment to evaluate what we are about to destroy, please? Everyone sit the heck down and stop with the broad, sweeping indictment of boarded up houses headed for the chopping block. Anyone who immediately responds to news of demolition with applause and merriment is being lazy and not fully using their noodle. (And, moreover not learning from past lessons.) Before I get off on a rant here, let me say: I’m not in favor of saving every structure everywhere based on its vintage or anything else. And I applaud efforts to ‘improve’ our city. The issue here, however, is: the word “improve” is being perverted and manipulated and people are falling for it, unquestioned. “Improve” is most frequently a matter of opinion and perspective. If I were driving a ‘hooptie’ maybe I would say I  ‘improved’ my ride with a shiny new set of rims.  To the rest of the world, it may just appear like some shiny rims on a p.o.s. car. See what I mean?