If, like me, you frequent Fall Creek Parkway, you surely noticed a change at Fall Creek Parkway and 32nd in the last few weeks. First, a bunch of really tall, old, beautiful trees were taken down…presumably clearing the way for bulldozing this former beauty.

Undoubtedly, it’s seen better days, but what a pock mark and hole this will leave in the streetscape of Fall Creek Parkway if it goes.

Don’t you think there’s an opportunity to get creative about reusing challenged properties like this? I do. And while this one may be too far gone to save, others aren’t.  Which brings me to the larger issue we’re still battling–the many homes slated for demolition. Please join the conversation about saving some of these old gems on facebook on the Stop the Demolitions, Indianapolis page.

I dread seeing a giant blank space on this corner.

My first thought was that this could be made into a mini police hub–bike patrol, perhaps?