Located at 2101 North College Avenue (across from another to-be-featured prayer property) are two very old brick buildings–one Italianate that faces 20th Street and this larger and more grand building facing College Avenue. Facing College, we see the name of our famed Civil War era governor “Oliver P. Morton School” etched into the arch, with flanking “No. 29” on either side.  Both buildings are lovely but look in dire need of help. Through the grapevine, we have heard that this property is being used as a private residence, and a glimpse towards one of the windows looked like it may have had home-like furnishings. An interesting choice, and who doesn’t love creative adaptive reuses? The roof–particularly on the smaller Italianate building–looks in dire need of help. Thrilling that it’s still part of our streetscape. Do you know anyone who attended this school?  Can’t seem to find a ready answer as to when this discontinued service as a school.

College side entrance

Indiana Historical Society has a photo of the 8th grade graduating class of 1908 showing the same lovely limestone arch way in the background

College Avenue, Former School No 29