Another one bites the dust. (Thanks to Vess von Ruhtenberg for the alert) Holy Angels Catholic Church at 28th and MLK is the latest congregation to bulldoze and rebuild rather than repair.

Not being part of the congregation, I don’t know all the intimate details (here’s one article from almost a year ago), but if there is now money to demolish and rebuild, how was there not enough to repair a leaking roof?Yeah, yeah, yeah–some people want to say it’s so much cheaper to destroy and build anew.  I’d really love to see some actual numbers on that… and with something like a roof leak, it’s hard to imagine how that wasn’t addressed (to the point of the building’s supposed ruination) and yet a destruct and rebuild is financially feasible.

This is a done deal–all the windows were already gone when I drove by on Friday afternoon. You can see why so many people saw this as a beacon of hope and light in an area that could use some. Today’s prayer is that someday people realize the importance of a historic building to a community. Taking an area’s history, strips its identity, stability, and the sense of pride that comes from knowing a place. What will it take to get this message to resonate more widely? This was built in 1903, for crying out loud.

The 1904 city directory lists the “Church of the Holy Angels” at the Corner of 28th and Northwestern Avenue. Reverend James L. Carrico, rector. Mass 8am; Vespers, 3pm; Sunday School 2pm.

UGH. Wish divine intervention was an option.