You have surely seen this one from the highway and wondered about it. If you have any interest or curiosity when it comes to old buildings. (Photo hint: If you see Lilly coming up on the north, look at the gorgeous old brick building on the south.)

This building stands at 306 Prospect Street and was designed by the architectural firm of Vonnegut & Bohn around the turn of the 20th century for the Southside Turnverein, a German Social Club (like the Athenaeum’s former purpose).  IUPUI has a collection of materials relating to the Turnverein– including vintage photos at this site. The ‘Turner’ movement was all about creating a healthy mind in a healthy body–offering a variety of sports and athletics to help realize that goal

This is one of those buildings that evokes curiosity in all passers-by–and it would be nice if it evoked someone to care for the deteriorating parts of it. It currently houses some kind of athletic club, and who knows what the inside looks like, but the west side is looking especially challenged.

The pediment sculpture is said to have been created by Rudolph Schwarz–if you don’t recognize the name, you will certainly recognize the location of his most famous work: it’s at the epicenter of our city and graces all sides of our beloved Monument on the Circle. And as you can see here, time and the elements have not been friendly to this sculpture.

Above and below: the lesser seen south side of this ‘southside’ building…

Is this road sign a foretelling of the building’s future? Hope not.

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