Back in January, a favorite local statue, one of two eagles–originally from the Traction Terminal Building–was damaged during the installation of signage for the wildly successful art show, Turf. The eagles were originally designed by Alexander Sangernebo, who designed much of the terra cotta and sculpture work to be found in Indianapolis.

(Read more about Sangernebo on the outdoor sculpture of Indiana by local expert Glory-June Greiff )

This was upsetting to all of us, and we’ve received multiple inquiries about the eagle’s fate on our facebookpage and elsewhere. Having been broken into multiple pieces,  we were told that the fractured eagle would not be repairable, but that it would be recreated and replaced.

The replacement eagle is nearly completed and has been carved from Indiana limestone, and weighs between 1500 to 1800 pounds. The company performing the replication is Accent Limestone and Carving Inc. located in Spencer, IN.

This new eagle is meant to find his way back to the perch within a week or two…

What’s to be done with the fractured eagle has yet to be determined. What would you do with him?  And how do you feel about the eagles?