Did you know “Feast of Lanterns” started in Woodruff Place during the Victorian era? Came across a little article about the event in 1898.


Above, likely decorated for “Feast of Lanterns” in the 1890s or early 1900s. Collection of Kimball & Tessie Lloyd-Jones

How wonderful that the event has been revived–it takes months of preparation and hard work, so thanks from us to all those who make it happen!

Check out some breathtaking photos captured in 2009 by George Hanlin.



from Indianapolis News, June 8, 1898

The “Feast of Lanterns”


“The final arrangements are being made to-day for the “Feast of Lanterns,” to be given at Woodruff Place this evening. Many yards of wire are being strectched for the multitude of lanterns over 10,000 being used. Each family is decorating the house and yard, and the booths are being put in place for the sale of lemondae, iced and candies. The Woodruff families will keep open house most of them, and a number have invited friends to assist in entergtaining those who are expected to call. The club-house will be an attractive place, and the dancing there will bring out many young people. The Woodruff lawn fete takes place every two years and is given for the nenefit of the Free Kindergarten Society. It is looked on as one fo the most attractive society affairs given for charity during the year. ”



For more info on this year’s Feast of Lanterns, they have a facebook page! The event takes place annually in Spades Park and is an all-day event! Be there! See this article if you want to know how did Spades Park get its name.

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