Looking East on Ohio Street from Alabama Street, Indianapolis

This intersection was not photographed often, so I was thrilled to find this small diner documented in the background of an accident negative made by the Indianapolis Fire Department made on February 3, 1952. Stachler’s Grill, shown in its Art Moderne glory, was a popular hang-out for policemen and city employees. Catty cornered from Indianapolis City Hall and a block from the jail, it served food remembered as typical greasy spoon fare.  The only other surviving building in the 1952 view is the Gulf Insurance Company building. In the distance is the spire of the German Lutheran Trinity Church on the corner of Ohio and East Streets. Overhead is a criss-cross of wires to power the trackless trolley (or trolleybus) that continued until 1957. Today (Google Street View, 2010) the little diner, now a bail bond business, has been stripped of its charm and the distinctive round windows and blocks are covered over. Newer condominiums (Firehouse Square on the left and The Hudson on the right) line both sides of Ohio Street and walkers enjoy the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

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