The Milnor sisters in 1909

Attics, storage trunks and second hand shops throughout Indianapolis and the world over have little gems like this awaiting discovery.

The provenance of and labels on old photos are key in determining where photo were taken. This photo once belonged to a young lady who attended Tudor Hall and lived on Delaware Street. Surprisingly, not at the home in the background of this photograph.

Finding the last names of various young ladies throughout the photo album who lived on Delaware Street, it made sense that some of the photos might have been snapped on Delaware Street.

After three trips up and down the street, I found the house above in the 1800 block of Delaware Street. Do you see how I was able to match this up?

Always captivating to ponder what life looked like in a time so long ago…

Delaware home

Same spot, 2013. Milnor sisters long gone…