Recognize this view? If you frequent the canal, it will look familiar, as a view from Bugg’s Temple.

Ever wonder what may have preceded the current shiny newer business buildings? For this site, it was once “The Industrial Building”, built by Thomas B. Laycock in the late 1800’s.

This booklet, published by the owners, has floor plans and interior photos of this entire complex. And what a fabulous place it was.

It burned down before 1920 when it was home to the T.B. Laycock Manufacturing Company, maker of  iron beds. This was a model business, far ahead of its time, that provided a number of perks to employees. If a worker found an idea that would make the operation run more efficiently, they would get a financial bonus. Lunch was provided to all the workers, as well as on-site showers, and even a library. They published a monthly magazine for the employees, and participated in company vs. company sports, like baseball. Check out a more in-depth look at the company here.

Have you ever come across a Laycock iron bed?


With thanks to Dan Laycock for loaning the materials!

3 responses to “Then & Now: Laycock Manufacturing”

  1. Jan Poole says:

    I have an antique Bedroom suite from my Grandparents I ‘think’ was purchased in early 1900. There is an Set that I assume is part of a matress set (unlike anything today) that has the ‘The T.B. Laycock Mfg. Co.’ stamped on it. I’m trying to better date the bedroom set.

  2. Tiffany Benedict Berkson says:

    Jan, if you take a picture of the brand marking and any of the decorative elements, I MIGHT be able to help you. We’re going to have another article coming up about it again soon, too, so would love pictures we could share. We’ll try to help you get it dated.

  3. Susanne Pritzel says:

    We own a Murphy bed that was manufactured by this company; It is still in great shape and is used as a guest bed. I have pictures, if you are interested.

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