Daniel W. Marmon, one-time president of the Marmon and Nordyke company, and his wife, Elizabeth, lived at 970 Delaware from 1898 or 99 until his death in 1909. She continued to reside in the home. In March 1922, she pulled a building permit for an $11,000 house, razing the one that had stood on the lot for the one we see today.

Howard Marmon, one of the key people at the Marmon Motor Car company–which produced the first car to win the Indianapolis 500– lived in his parents’ house at 970 North Delaware Street in 1910-11. City directories indicate that Howard did not live in the modest house for long, moving on to a string of various homes on the north side, before leaving Indianapolis altogether for North Carolina in the late 1920s.

In August 1940, the University Club of Indianapolis, to which Marmon family members belonged, purchased the home from the estate of Elizabeth C. Marmon and relocated from where they had been the previous few years, on the 9th floor of the Athletic Club. The Club still remains at 970 North Delaware Street, where the building and grounds are preserved.

2010 Google Streetview of the University Club of Indianapolis, formerly the Marmon home.

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