YWCA-COVERWhat would you have done during the 5-day “National Biennial Y.W.C.A. Convention”?

This “Information for Visitors” guide would have helped you decide. The “Handbook” offers a fascinating glimpse of our fair city, with interesting information and “points” as well as a few photos.


The Sun Parlor within the YWCA Building


A “Rest” Room…guessing the meaning has evolved since then…


YWCA Parlour

Points About Indianapolis from this handbook:

*Indianapolis has a population of 233,600

*22 Million people, one-fourth the population of the United States, live within 300 miles of Indianapolis and can reach the city in eight hours…Residents of 84 counties of the 92 in Indiana can visit Indianapolis and return home the same day.

*The city area is 31 square miles

*The number of young women in Indianapolis is 40,000 and of this number 15,000 are employed in stores, offices, factories and similar places.

How do you think you would have liked touring Indianapolis in 1911?


YWCA Library


A picture in the handbook of Mass Ave.


Exterior of the YWCA Building


This is a great tool and quick reference for researching buildings of the time.

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