It was discontinued for a time, but the more time I spend exploring Indianapolis, the more places I find that captivate me.

Today’s example makes me smile. What is more beautiful than a lovingly restored and painted Queen Anne? Truth be told, it’s what lured me to Indianapolis. After falling in love with the Hotel Del Coronado as a teenager, I dreamed of the day I’d live in a Queen Anne. I dutifully wrote my list of desired traits for my home: hard wood floors, gorgeous staircase, pocket doors, stained glass, a fireplace, a turret–and on the modern side, a swimming pool, air conditioning and a great kitchen that inspires me to cook. I found my dream home with 99% of my list fulfilled and am working towards the rest of the list. This Herron-Morton home–in the 1700 block of Alabama is fit for any big dreamer’s Victorian dreams. Beautifully done!

3 responses to “Victorian Home Inspiration”

  1. Matt B. says:

    Beautiful home! Another reason to walk through Heeron-Morton instead of drive through it.

  2. Sharon Oliver says:

    Gorgeous! My mother grew up near 16th and Alabama, and also on New Jersey (I think). Sadly, I think that home was demolished 20 years ago. I’ll see if she’ll drive down there with me when home for Thanksgiving.. might lift her spirits to see the renovations being done there…

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