It was discontinued for a time, but the more time I spend exploring Indianapolis, the more places I find that captivate me.

Today’s example makes me smile. What is more beautiful than a lovingly restored and painted Queen Anne? Truth be told, it’s what lured me to Indianapolis. After falling in love with the Hotel Del Coronado as a teenager, I dreamed of the day I’d live in a Queen Anne. I dutifully wrote my list of desired traits for my home: hard wood floors, gorgeous staircase, pocket doors, stained glass, a fireplace, a turret–and on the modern side, a swimming pool, air conditioning and a great kitchen that inspires me to cook. I found my dream home with 99% of my list fulfilled and am working towards the rest of the list. This Herron-Morton home–in the 1700 block of Alabama is fit for any big dreamer’s Victorian dreams. Beautifully done!