Happy late Valentine’s Day, readers!

This week, the yield of combing through recipe collections this week is a selection of beverages — some boozy, some not — to tempt you with.  As faithful Hi readers, you surely wonder what dinner date is complete without the perfect historic drink? 

From the City Market Cookbook, Jim Peachy provides this spiced tea recipe. Perfect for this cold that just won’t quit. Add a splash of rum if you choose!

Dig this description from the forward:

“Like a decorous old lady suddenly coming into affluence, the City Market, discreetly shaking dust from its 100 years old skirts, moves into the future as the Indianapolis City Market Internationale. As a Federal Landmark, the City Market, dating back to 1821 when it first was platted as an open market, looks back at early Indianapolis as its neighboring glass-fronted City-County Building points the way to the future. Signs of regained stability are visible in the market’s clean, sand blasted exterior with the twin towers newly covered in copper; its windows reappearing from behind green metal covers. Restoration will date from 1867 when the central section, or meat building, was erected. The high vaulted dome of this building is one of the first iron casted structures in the United States. Though there is no written history of the market, records show that a group of interested citizens rededicated the market property in i832 when the first building was erected. Its original site was part of the territory returned to the State of Indiana by the Federal government. The state in turn designated four sections as the site of a new state capitol. It has been owned only by a unit of government since it was given to the Federal government by the Indians.”


Jerry, you scamp! Try this sweet and fruity punch for brunch, perhaps. Add the powdered sugar last — you may find it’s sweet enough already. This one comes from What’s Cookin’, Doc?, a collection of recipes from the Indianapolis Medical Society’s Women’s Auxiliary.

A beautiful illustration of the Second Presbyterian Church.


The Punch with a Punch from the Second Presbyterian Church’s cookbook calls for TWO fifths of rum! Use for a party or … a very boozy date. 

The Farmer’s Guide New Cook Book (pub. 1945) brings us this interesting recipe. I’m personally not too keen on eggs in my beverages (but I’m all about an egg cream, which incidentally contains no eggs at all), but you’ve got to admit, it’s intriguing.

Here’s a selection from the forward:

“If the Farmers Guide Cook Book could speak today it would say to the women of the middlewest: “You made me what I am today.” The Farmers Guide Cook Books of the past have been the standard for women everywhere. Thousands of copies have been distributed. And now the time comes for a complete revision. Herein are scores of new and tested recipes and formulas. This book is dedicated to the housewives and the women readers of the Farmers Guide and especially those who have sent their favorite recipes for publication in the Farmers Guide and this book.”

Now, off to the grocery to buy on-sale chocolate and champagne to try Jerry Miller’s recipe…