Exquisite Schwitzer Mansion, razed earlier this year. Some elements you see here are available for purchase.

You could have owned a beautifully crafted piece of architectural history… Art and architectural treasures from the recently razed 1930s Art Deco mansion built by Louis Schwitzer were available to become part of your home the weekend of  of October 5, 2013.


Elements of Schwitzer Mansion salvaged and available for purchase.

You may recall from Libby Cierzniak’s article in May, that Louis Schwitzer was a legendary figure in the history of auto racing, as well as automotive design and engineering. In addition to winning the first automobile race held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1909, he also pioneered advances now considered cornerstone components of automobiles today: the 6 cylinder engine and turbo-charger.  There also continues to be an annual “Louis Schwitzer Award for Engineering Excellence,” presented by the Society of Professional Engineers to an individual or group involved with the Indianapolis 500.


This moderne stair railing was salvaged from the Schwitzer mansion

The Schwitzer mansion was designed by local architect Edwin Kopf, known for designing the marquee of the Vogue Theatre (on College Avenue in Broad Ripple) among other Indy places.

You too, may have been outraged a few months ago, over the destruction of this spectacular home. For better or worse, the owners of a property have the right to do with it as they wish. In this instance, at least the owners allowed many of the unique and beautiful elements to be removed rather than simply destroyed. These items may now go on to find new life elsewhere. The home was meticulously dismantled and significant art installations, features and museum-quality elements were salvaged.


Built-ins from Schwitzer mansion, salvaged

Some of the items salvaged and sold: fireplace mantels, aluminum door hardware, machine age lighting, designer plumbing fixtures, custom cabinetry, exotic limestone tiles, rare vitrolite panels, streamline railings, slab and panel doors, mirrored valances, chrome curtain rods, steel cased doors and windows, custom copper scuppers and guttering, and an amazing array of architectural design.


This and other hardware, salvaged from Schwitzer mansion.

For information, please visit www.antiquehelper.com or call 317-251-5635.


All in the gorgeous details. Salvaged from Schwitzer mansion, available this Saturday.