Dilapidated Westwood Country Club, Speedway Indiana – Photo by Ryan Hamlett

Nestled between 10th and 21st Streets on High School Road on the western edge of Speedway, what was once the Westwood Country Club sits neglected and disused. Its olympic sized pool is cracked and unfilled, its diving platforms boardless, its two story clubhouse grafitti clad. Originally constructed in 1956 as the Speedway Recreational Center, it thrived though the 70s, the heyday of the family oriented social club, struggled through the 90s before finally draining the pool and shuttering the doors around 2002.

Today, what remains of the Club is for sale, all 21 acres of property, though there is a small but determined effort to restore the pool and clubhouse to something of its original self by the Save & Revive Westwood group on Facebook. It’d be fantastic to see the pool once again full of slightly chlorinated water for some mischievous soul to reenact the infamous Baby Ruth scene from Caddyshack once again.

Classic shot of Westwood Country Club

Classic shot of Westwood Country Club – from “Indianapolis Social Clubs” by Jim Hillman