Downtown Indy from the roof of Weyerbacher Terrace/St. Vincent Hospital before the Ivy Tech expansion.

It was estimated that nearly half of those born in Indianapolis between 1913 and 1974 came into this world in St. Vincent’s Hospital’s massive brick building at Fall Creek and Illinois. Once St. Vincent’s relocated to the Northwest Side, their downtown location was refurbished into Weyerbacher Terrace, offering low income and elderly housing. By the late 90’s however, Weyerbacher was in a state of utter disrepair and a near daily feature of the police blotter. After the city seized the property and closed it’s doors in 2002, the building sat vacant until Ivy Tech’s $43,000,000 revitalization of the grounds, restoring and preserving the south facade in the process.

The St. Vincent Chapel in Weyerbacher Terrace, now demolished in the Ivy Tech expansion.