Defining “Nora” is a little bit like nailing jello to a tree: slippery, frustrating and inefficient. However, today we persist!
Regardless of whether you describe the Far-Northside Indianapolis location (generally considered to be contained within Meridian Street on the west, Castleton on the east, Ravenswood to the south, and the Hamilton County line to the north) as a city, suburb, community, neighborhood, hamlet, town, village (or if you’re like me and you just call it… HOME) here’s what I can tell you for sure: At this writing, Nora is 141 years old.
Before Nora was “Nora,” though, the somewhat swampy and heavily-forested area was home to native Americans largely from the Delaware (or Lenape) tribe who farmed and hunted abundant wildlife along the White River and tributary creeks. As these native peoples were forced from the area, the forests were leveled gradually and replaced with farms.