As mentioned earlier this week in the Preservation Denied: William H. Block Mansion article, we feature the building that replaced that historic mansion as this week’s WTH.  This ranch-style cinder block replacement was constructed as a nursing home–what a way to live out your final years, in a place like this. When first built, it was welcomed by neighbors, the philosophy being that anything new is better than nothing. Fast forward 40+ years and the problems with that mindset are revealed. However, it is now empty and has been for almost 10 years.


nursing_home_19thdel_003SM nursing_home_19thdel_004SM


Perhaps someone could seize the opportunity to redevelop this site.

If people are in such a rage to get out a bulldozer, this is an exception where that scenario would be welcome. This location is desperately in need of something that is more architecturally sensitive to the context of the surrounding neighborhood.