Aqueduct St.
Location: Central Canal-Fall Creek aqueduct



The Central Canal through Indianapolis was originally a part of what was supposed to be a statewide canal system.  The path of the canal ran through Fall Creek and an aqueduct was needed to moved the canal over the creek.  Construction on the canal system began in 1836 and two years later the aqueduct was completed.  The original aqueduct was only one span made entirely of wood, so a subsequent aqeducts with more modern materials and improvements  were constructed in 1870, 1882 and 1890.


On March 27, 1904, a devastating flood hit Indianapolis and aqueduct was washed away.  A subsequent aqeduct was completed in 1905, the fifth aqeduct to be built in the location, just south of the Burdsal Parkway where it crosses the canal meets the creek.

Looking South on Aqueduct Street from Indy Pic-a-Part

Photos courtesy Sergio Bennett