Editor’s Note:  As you will note in this article, the name of the road is spelled both “Mitthoeffer” and “Mitthoefer.”  The correct spelling is explained in an earlier article – HI Mailbag: Mitthoeffer Road and German Church Road

Mitthoeffer Rd.
Location:  Warren Township
John H. Mithoefer, early landowner

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Mitthoeffer was also called Flowing Well Road.  From 1885 prospectors who were digging for natural gas but found an artesian well around the corner of the present-day Mitthoeffer and 10th streets.

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The street was named after an early landowner John Henry Mithoefer.  He was born around 1826 in Hanover-Saxony Germany.  He and his wife Henrietta were the parents of several children, many of whom continued to live in the area. copy

Photos courtesy of Ryan Hamlett.

2 responses to “What’s In a Name: Mitthoef(f)er Road”

  1. Robert Goodyear says:

    Hi love the article… Mitthoefer Rd. was spelled wrong from what my grandmother told me and that their was one road sign that spelled it correctly at one time as the mistake was caught at the very end of making the signs… They’re my cousins and they farmed the land out here on the East Side. My great grandfather or grandpa had Kitley Ave named after him… They also lived in Cumberland with the Mithoeffers as we were a big family here on the East Side that expanded out all the way to Carthage, IN

  2. Nancy Longworth says:

    There’s not a road sign, business, or internet page that has MITHOEFER spelled correctly, save this article. I have told several city officials about this, and yet, when the present green signs were installed, there is was wrong again. The pioneer Mithoefers are buried at the old Cumberland town cemetery, behind the old St John’s UCC on the east side of Geeman Church Road. Go read the correct spelling off their markers. (St John’s is the German church for which the road was named, BTW.)

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