Although a small segment of Mollenkopf Road is in Marion County (a few blocks between Fall Creek Road and 96th Street), most of Mollenkopf Road is actually in Hamilton County. This picture is from slightly over the Marion/Hamilton County line.

Mollenkopf Road
John J. Mollenkopf Sr., early settler

Mollenkopf was born in Germany in the 1790s and moved to Baltimore County, Maryland in 1821 where he became a paper maker.  In 1825, he married Julianna Painter, and the couple would go on to have nine children, many of whom would live in Marion County for decades.


He moved to Wayne County, Indiana in 1836 and to Marion County in 1839 where he received a land patent for 40 acres in Lawrence Township.  He died in 1875, while Julianna died in 1866.  Both are buried in Mock Cemetery.

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Photos courtesy of Ryan Hamlett.

Editor’s Note: focuses on the history of Marion County, which, on occasion, extends into an adjacent county, as is the case here.  Mollenkopf Road begins in Marion County, but extends north into Hamilton County.

4 responses to “What’s In a Name: Mollenkopf Road”

  1. Scott Goodwine says:

    What is the brick building?

  2. Monique says:

    Yes, what is the brick building? Looks like a firehouse.

  3. ScottD says:

    A house on 106th street at the northern terminus of Mollenkopf Road. The back story for its construction is actually something that would also be interesting to find out as it appears that the owner built the house himself. Whether because he built it all by himself or because he only built as funds permitted it took him over 12 years to finish the construction of the house.

  4. lisamp says:

    This is an ancestor of mine. Interestingly, I have a note that he died in January 12, 1875 at the Marion County Poor Asylum. Can’t recall where I got that information. But I pulled it from a reliable source and forgot to note it. I would love to find out what happened after having so many children and being left alone to die in an asylum.

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