Moore Road
Tolbert Robert O. Moore, early landowner

Once known as the “Tolbert Moore Free Gravel Road,” Moore Road was the main route from Traders Point to Zionsville.  It was name for Tolbert Moore, who likely paid for and maintained the road before it became a county road.  His home, the Moore-Asher Home (also named for subsequent owners, the Asher Family) is located at 8407 Moore Road and was built around 1860.

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Moore was born in November 1856 to early Pike residents John and Sara Moore and was married to Sarah Elizabeth “Lizzie” White in 1878.  He died in 1935.  He is buried at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery, which was adjacent to his land.

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Photos courtesy of Ryan Hamlett.

5 responses to “What’s in a Name: Moore Road”

  1. Dave Travis says:

    Dear Steve,
    Appreciate your taking the time to offer the notes on Indy. We visited the Traders Point Creamery yesterday and had a wonderful time with our Grandson, seeing the cows and the trails along Eagle Creek.
    Moore Road is what I imagined Indiana should look like. Lush vegetation, birds singing and smells from everything.
    Keep up the good work and add me to your mailing list.
    Thank you,

  2. Kevin Parsons says:

    Interesting to see this article from two years ago. Tolbert Moore was my great grandfather on my mother’s side. My mother Sara(h), was named after both Tolbert’s mother (Sara) and wife (Sarah Elizabeth…..) Mom dropped the ‘h’ from her name later on, and she is still alive today at 90+ years. My daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth ended up with the family names also.
    Ironically, I know Steve Campbell, but never knew he wrote this, and he knew nothing about my family.

  3. Kevin Parsons says:

    Well, found out I was wrong, Tolbert was a distant uncle, not great grand dad, Ha!

  4. Ed Coonce says:

    I grew up in Indianapolis…between 1952 and 1959 I lived with Stanley and Mildred Campbell, and their son Ronald, who owned a farm on 62nd street. Our nearest neighbor was Floyd Bass Nursery, we attended Trader’s Point Christian Church and I attended Pike when it was all 12 grades. I moved from there to Perry Township to Irvington and the Marion County Children’s Guardians Home and Graduated from Howe in 1966. I know this area has undergone a huge development, but it would be interesting to see who might be around who still remembers the Campbells, and Mrs. Campbells family, the Guions, for whom Guion Road was named. I remember Grandpa Guion as a decent man who always had time for us kids. I’ve been in San Diego since 1975, but still have some family there and Bloomington. I’m an actor, artist, writer, poet, creative director, filmmaker, and a few other things, but maybe sometime soon I can take a vacation and come visit.

  5. Jeannne Richardson Baldwin says:

    Hi Ed, John Guion, who was Walter’s grandson, was a dear friend of mine.

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