Sargent Rd.
Jacob Sargent family, early landowners

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Sargent-Road (1)
Sargent Road was named after the Sargent family, a prominent family of landowners in and around Lawrence Township.  John Sargent was born in Kentucky in 1818 and moved to Marion County in 1850, where he farmed land about a mile east of Malott Park. He was married to Tabitha Jane Sowers in 1850 in Marion County.  He died in 1901, and she died in 1917.
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They were the parents of Jacob Sargent, who was born in Marion County in 1851.  Jacob married Druzilla Harper in Marion County in 1873.  He died in 1935 and his wife in 1936.  All four are buried in the Ebenezer Lutheran/Fall Creek Union Cemetery at 42nd and Millersville Road in Washington Township.   The family owned land throughout Lawrence Township, but John settled in the present-day area of Sargent Road.  The Sargent home was located at 8420 Sargent Rd.
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Jacob was the father of John Jacob Sargent, a World War I veteran who is buried at the Bacon Family Cemetery at the corner of Kessler Blvd. and Keystone Ave.

All photos courtesy of Sergio Bennett.