Senour Road
Edward Senour, early settler of Warren Township

Senour and brookville Indianapolis

Edward Senour was born November 25, 1799, in Boone County, Kentucky to Phillip and Mary Senour who both hailed from pre-Revolutionary War Virginia.  Edward was one of their ten children.  Edward was married to Cassandra Wells in 1833 in Campbell County, Kentucky.  Edward had eleven children, and seven were raised on his land in Indiana.  With Cassandra, he had seven children:  Joseph, Richard, William, Mary, Nancy, Robert and James, all of whom were born in Indiana.

Senour 2
Edward was an original land patentee of Marion County in acquiring 80 acres of land in the 1820s.  It was said that he walked to Marion County from his home state carrying his axe and began to clear trees from his newly acquired property.  He then walked back to Kentucky before permanently returning.  He also purchased 160 acres in Boone County, Indiana.

Senour 1
He lived on his 80-acre tract until his death June 20, 1872. He is buried in Freeman Cemetery, Warren Township, Marion County.  Many members of the Senour family continued to live in the area for many generations.

All photos courtesy of Sergio Bennett.

3 responses to “What’s in a Name: Senour Road”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Steve, I was wondering if the bridge in the photo were an old railroad bridge (?) I know the Pennsylvania RR ran east through Warren Township through Irvington and Cumberland (have taken it when passenger trains still used it) and the B&O (now CSXT) runs east-southeast more or less parallel to Brookville Road, but the status of that bridge in the photo intrigues me…thanks for the article!

  2. Jeff Schulz says:

    The Bridge in the photo was build by Whispering Hills Golf course to cross Senour Rd. from the clubhouse to the 1st tee.

    The railroad runs about 1/4 mile north of this location.

  3. Nancy says:

    Very interesting article. Edward Senour married the sister of my GGG-Grandmother Elizabeth (Betsy) Wells…Casander Wells married Edward Senour 1 Sep 1833 in Campbell Co., KY.

    Thank You for posting..

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