After purchasing this photo on ebay a year or two ago, I misplaced the original. When I find it I will scan in sections so that you may see more closely.

In the meantime, does anyone have a clue where this was? It just said “Indianapolis” on the back of the photo. As I start digging through more of my archives, I’ll find this and some other yet to be identified Indianapolis locations.

If you have any unidentified photos causing you similar consternation, we’d be happy to ask our readers for help on your behalf as well.

UPDATE!! As of 12:30pm- I think our faithful reader, Tom Davis has it figured out. As we all know, humans are quite capable of mistakes. It looks like the person who labeled this photo as Indianapolis, was indeed, mistaken. Tom linked to –

The Normal School in Terre Haute–nothing but similarities in these buildings–what do you think? Thanks, Tom! Hopefully the solution will be as easy with the other mystery photo!


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